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Hosted PBX Features Support

This page will detail how to use your phone system features.

Some of these features are setup by default and some are custom features that can be setup upon request.

Feature Code Usage
Voicemail *98 Dial this code to enter the voicemail system. You will be asked which voicemail box you wish to check (you must know the voicemail box password. Follow the prompts.
Global Voicemail *98_ Dial *98 followed by the number of the voicemail box you wish to check. If your global voicemail box was 200 you would dial *98200 (Consult support to find out what your global VM box number is).
Day/Night Switch 604 If you have a Day/Night switch configured by Call Central then dialing this code will allow you to change what mode your phone system is currently in. You will be prompted for a password, the password is set as 1 by default.
Send Now # Press # after dialing the number you wish to call to send the call straight away and not wait for more digits to be dialed (speeds up the dialing process).
Direct Call Pickup *8_ To pickup a call a call ringing on any extension simply dial *8 followed by the extension number you wish to pickup the ringing call from. Example, my extension is 100 and i want to pickup a call ringing on extension 200, i would dial *8200
Pickup Call in Pickup Group *8 To pickup a call in a Call Group you both belong to simply dial *8


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Australian based support, you call we answer. Our team is located on the Gold Coast and we service the Gold Coast area and Greater South East Brisbane Area. When you call you speak to one of our engineers that built and maintains our network and in most cases your issue or request can be solved/processed on the spot. In most cases our staff are on a first name basis with our clients. Call Central Communications focuses on delivering prompt, reliable and timely support.

Contact Details Phone: 1300 788 869 and select option “2”. If you prefer email you can send us an email by using the contact form to the right, or you can grab us on chat by click on the chat box in the bottom right hand corner. Our support team is always here to assist with any questions or changes you might need. Business support hours are Monday to Friday: 9 am – 4 pm (QLD time) Pay Online https://callcentral.com.au/pay-online/ Direct Debit Download Direct Debit Request Form Resellers

Call Central’s Partner Program offers IT professionals and business phone system installers the chance to take advantage of the quickly developing business Phone market while being completely supported by Call Central’s qualified technical and sales professionals.

Call Central offers a range of management tools that will greatly assist you in better servicing your client’s requirements. You will position yourself at the fore of an advanced and inventive technology –  products fully equipped with innovative features that set you distinctly apart from your competitors.

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