NBN rollout and business phones

How does the NBN affect my business phone system?

With the NBN scheduled to be completed in late 2020, business large and small are wondering how does this affect their telephone communications. 18 Months after the NBN goes live in your area Telstra will begin decommissioning the old PSTN/ISDN network. This means all copper telephone lines will be shut down and made redundant. Telephone services will instead be moved to the NBN data network, effectively your phone service will become a VoIP (Voice over IP) service.

Do i keep my phone number(s)?

Yes, but you will need to move them over the NBN to keep your business phone number(s). If you do not move your numbers over prior to the decommissioning of the copper phone network there is a very good chance you will lose your number(s).

When moving off the old copper network you will need to port your number(s), either to a new provider or to your existing provider. If you fail to port your numbers off the old copper network prior to the old copper network being shutdown you risk losing your phone numbers. If the NBN has gone live in your area you need to get in touch with your provider or a new provider as soon as possible and get the porting process under way.

What about my phone system?

In most cases a phone system change will be required, either a change on your existing phone system to upgrade it to work with the NBN or a move to a newer type of phone system, such as a Hosted PBX or Cloud Based PBX.

Some old phone systems are simply unable to accommodate the upgrade required to make the move to the new NBN and these phone systems will also be made redundant in the process. Check with your phone system installer or vendor if you phone system can be upgraded with and IP card.

Most telephone providers are now offering a Hosted PBX product, which is a quick and easy way for business to get advance phone system features, in most cases much more advance than and old phone system for a very low cost without the hassle of phone system installer costs and contracts.

You can read more about what a Hosted PBX is and how it can benefit your business by clicking here.

Can I move from my old phone system to a new Hosted PBX?

Absolutely, Call Central has been migrating customers from old phone systems to a Hosted PBX for a decade. We can provide a seamless transition to a Hosted PBX.

What about faxing?

Faxing will continue to work.

In many cases you can do away with your old fax machine and make use of a virtual fax. Call Central offers a Cloud based virtual fax service as part of our Hosted PBX plans. Incoming faxes are converted to a PDF document and emailed to and email address of your choice. Outbound faxes (faxes you send) can be sent from a web portal login.


If you don’t currently have a plan to migrate off the old copper network, you need to get one. Call Central can assist with all aspects of your migrations so give us a call on 1300 788 869 and speak to and expert today.


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