What is a Hosted PBX?

What is a Hosted PBX?

A Hosted PBX is a phone system that is physically housed outside of your place of business, normally hosted in the Cloud by a telco provider inside their data centre. Your handsets connect to the phone system remotely via the internet where as a traditional phone system will live inside your place of business.

How does a Hosted PBX differ from a traditional phone system?

Apart from being hosted in a data centre by your provider, a Hosted PBX will normally offer many more features over a traditional phone system. A Hosted PBX is typically more feature packed and flexible than a traditional old on premises phone system because most Hosted PBX products have been designed and built more recently. You would typically get a lot of extra features like voicemail to email, fax to email, instant messaging, click to call, click2meet, video conferencing, screen sharing, mobile apps and many more advanced features that a plain old telephone system was just never designed to do.

What does a Hosted PBX Cost?

The main cost associated with migrating to a Hosted PBX is the need to purchase new IP Phones. With most providers, even the big players like Telstra and OPTUS now offering Hosted PBX’s as their main small to medium phone system products, once you have these new IP Phones you can move from provider to provider at will for almost zero cost. A Hosted PBX can also cut right down on your monthly telco costs with significantly lower call rates and monthly service fees being the normal case over a traditionally ISDN/PSTN phone system.

Flexabilty is also a huge plus with a Hosted PBX, your handsets will typically work from any location (even overseas, this is where mobile apps are really handy) where there is and active internet connection, just plug in your IP Phone to a working internet connected router and you’re good to go. This gives you the flexibility to join physically separate office sites together as if they are in the same location. All you’re inter office calls are free from site to site and gives you advanced features such as presence and other features normally reserved for phones attached to the same onsite phone system.

What do i need to move to a Hosted PBX?

You will need some IP Phones, we recommend and supply yealink IP Phones, or a softphone. A softphone is just software phone you can install on your computer, there are many free software phones available for download, just google “free windows softphone”. You also have the option of using apps on your mobile phone, 3CX provides and app for both IOS and Android devices.

You will also need an active internet connection with enough upload bandwidth, we recommend and NBN connection where possible.

Lastly, to move your phone numbers to your new hosted phone system you will need to port them across to your telco provider who is providing your Hosted PBX.

That’s it, once you have moved to a Hosted PBX you’ve now moved into the 21st century and have future proofed your telecommunications, which is something every business will need to do 18 months after the NBN goes active in their area as the old PSTN/ISDN network will be switch off then and traditional old telephone system will no longer work.


Read more about the PSTN/ISDN copper network shut down here or you can go directly to this NBNco link to check when you’re ares will be decommissioned.

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