What is a Virtual Fax

What is a Virtual Fax and how does it work?

A virtual fax replaces your existing cumbersome old fax machine by utilising newer technology to send faxes without having to have a dedicated machine just to do faxing. Virtual Faxes do this by using a software fax instead of a physical machine fax.

Many newer types of phone systems, such as Hosted PBX’s or 3CX come with a built in Virtual Fax. Some of the newer phone systems are even smart enough to perform a check on each inbound call to see if the call is a voice call or a fax call, if the phone system detects it is a fax call the phone system will then send the call to the built in Virtual Fax software to be processed as a fax.

How do I receive my inbound faxes?

Using a Virtual Fax makes life easy, inbound faxes are simply converted to a PDF document and emailed to your specified email address as and attachment. This is hugely convenient as it means you can get faxes on the go on your mobile and your phone system has by default provided you with a soft copy of any important document.

How do I send faxes?

Once again, a Virtual fax makes this process super easy, you simply send a fax directly from your computer. To send a fax you simply log into your web portal for your phone system, if you have a Hosted PBX with Central you simply log into our Cloud PBX Portal, if you have a 3CX PBX you simply log into your 3CX web portal. You then upload a PDF or Tiff document from your computer or mobile phone, type in the phone number you wish to send a fax to you hit send. It’s that simple.

Benefits of a Virtual Fax over a Traditional Fax Machine

With businesses such as Legal firms and the medical field still heavily reliant on faxing, the fax inst going anywhere any time soon but that doesn’t mean you need to be stuck in the 1950’s with a cumbersome old fax machine, you can easily move your faxing requirements to the Cloud or to a smart phone system like 3CX and enjoy many benefits over traditional fax machines.

  • Easy of use: Faxing has never been more simple with a virtual fax, make use of easy to navigate web portals with your Hosted PBX or 3CX phone system and send faxes directly from your computer or smart phone while receiving faxes directly to your email as a PDF.
  • Paperless: Go paperless with a virtual Fax, save on buying paper, stop shredding paper and save the planet 1 fax at a time.
  • Be Mobile: Get your faxes wherever you are in the world and send faxes on the go with you smart phone.
  • Cost: Do away with the cost of fax duet service or a dedicated fax line, you also start saving on the cost of paper and the cost of printer ink.



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